Photos of Iowa Lakes Region
Photos of Iowa Lakes Region

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Celestial Ceilings
Imagine... thousands of stars stretching across your ceiling like a carpet of jewels... as the Milky Way snakes its way across the night sky, with a depth of perception that will leave you feeling as though you are floating through space.

Now... if you can envision it... you can have it! And like real stars... using our specialized formula glow-in-the-dark paint, our stars are only seen at night. You can enjoy your realistic nighttime sky all night long because like real stars... our stars don't fade away.

Your Celestial Ceiling will glow softly all night long and the stars will even seem to twinkle! Your Celestial Ceiling will include thousands of stars, shooting stars and of course... the beautiful Milky Way Galaxy. We live amongst the most dazzling cluster of stars ever known. Now you may enjoy this amazing breath taking view each and every night. You will truly enjoy Heaven on earth. Contact us for a FREE in-home demo and/or to try it overnight for free!

Address: 916 E 5th St.
Spencer , IA
United States 51301

Phone: 712-363-2936
Contact Person: Norman Spooner


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